Great gift ideas for a baby shower

Without a doubt, figuring out a gift for a baby shower can be difficult. In a lot of cases, the attendees won’t even know what the baby’s gender is, making gifting a tricky task even with the best intentions in mind.

Can never have too many gifts you can use…

Everyone wants to give something with emotional significance, but there are events where a gift with utility can be just as welcome (if not even more so) – a baby shower is definitely one of them, even if it might not seem as such. Therefore, ideas for gifts that will truly be useful for the mother and father should never be dismissed without consideration. Examples of ‘utility’ gifts at a baby shower can include:

  • Clothing for the baby: If you know of the baby’s gender, there’s no reason not to buy some slick attires for him or her. The general rule of baby colors is blue for male and pink for female, although white works just as well (especially when you’re unaware of the gender). Another great part of giving baby clothing is that you can hardly go wrong – pick something that the baby can wear straight out of the womb, or when it’s 6 months old, or a year or two – no matter the choice, your gift will be a welcome one.
  • Clothing for the mother: A gifting choice that isn’t thought of often enough. The mother’s pregnancy will change the shape of her body quite a bit (or already has), so she’ll need some nice-looking clothes that let her carry her baby with style and grace – here’s an example of a fashionable dress that treats the baby-holding belly like a bodily perk . Help the mother feel good about her body-for-two by presenting her with some nice threads that combine comfort with elegance and she’ll thank you for them long after the baby is born.
  • A crib or other piece of furniture: This is among the more expensive gifts you can offer but is also one of the most effective. Do your best to check the mother’s home out before the baby shower in order to see what’s missing – she might have a crib, but how about a cupboard for baby accessories and diaper-changing such as this 3-drawer changer and dresser by Modena? If you can afford one of these, they’re sure to overshadow most other gifts and also help the mother a ton. Car seats are included in this category, especially if the parents-to-be have more than one vehicle to their household.
  • A high-quality camera (preferably a compact one like the Panasonic LX100: Top-notch digital cameras are getting more affordable by the minute, so you should definitely consider one as your choice of baby shower gift. Again, you’ll need to have a good idea of the picture-taking and video-recording devices that the mother already owns, but don’t worry – most people these days rely exclusively on their smartphones for pictures. A camera that can take high-quality photos and record high definition footage of the baby will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to the parents’ household and will allow them to capture some of their most precious moments with the child in lifelike picture quality.

If you’re aiming for a gift that’s a bit closer to the heart, something that you used for your own baby (an accessory or a piece of clothing) is your best bet, especially if you’re related to the mother. A pair of baby shoes hand-knitted by your grandmother or aunt (who’s also related to the mother) that were once worn by your baby will show her just how much her newborn means to you, and her child will wear them with pride.