3 incredible places to host your baby shower

The choices for a baby shower location are many, and all of them can seem equally as efficient – even the mother’s home can make for an amazing baby shower venue with a bit of work. Yet if you’re really looking to make the best of the event and potentially take some super-duper pictures, here are 3 incredible places that specialize in throwing a baby shower for the ages.

Great places to HOST your baby shower

Charles Johnson House in Austin: One of the top venues in Austin, the Charles Johnson House frequently hosts all sorts of memorable events with baby showers being just one of them (although a very notable one). The House features a classy interior and exterior that can cater to any amount of people, from under ten to dozens – the owners will change the setting to accomodate your needs, including expanding/downsizing and alternative decorations.

Magnolia Hotel Houston: One of Houston’s hotel gems, the Magnolia is another great choice for an indoors baby shower venue regardless of the amount of attendees. The hotel staff can clear out entire sections of the establishment for you and your friends and family so that you can feel as if you have the place for yourselves, not to mention that it doubles-up as a quality lodging option if you’re traveling to Houston from another city. If you can afford it, the Magnolia isn’t going to let you or your baby down and will host a bash for the ages.

Stone Creek Terrace in Frisco: Similar to the Charles Johnson House, Stone Creek Terrace is a classy environment that feels tailor-made for smaller groups, although it can just as easily host a larger party. Here, your baby shower will be a calming and pleasant event, daytime and nighttime – the Terrace feels like the perfect cabin in the woods without lacking any features that a top event venue should have.

If you’re looking to celebrate a bit closer to home, don’t be afraid to forgo state-wide trips for something you might pass by every day on your way home from work – sometimes, what we need ends up being right under our noses. Here are 3 baby shower locations to consider that have a more personal touch to them.

Wherever the mother and father met: The place where the mother and father first got introduced to each other makes for an amazingly effective baby shower venue – very few happily-married couples knew that they would be spending their lives together when they first met. Of course, there are limitations – the parents-to-be might have met at a bungee-jumping bridge or something, meaning you might have to look elsewhere for a baby shower venue. But in most cases, this is a terrific idea that will remind the couple of how far their love has come.

The mother and father’s favorite restaurant: Is there a place where the mother and father of the child love going out to, sometimes even several times a week? There’s no reason not to host a memorable baby shower there – rent out an entire section for yourselves and let the parents enjoy a cozy atmosphere while still feeling as if they’re throwing a proper celebration ahead of the baby’s arrival.

The home of the mother’s parents: The best baby shower venues don’t have to be fancy specialized establishments. Throwing a baby shower in the soon-to-be grandparents’ home will remind the mother of her time growing up and the love she received from her parents. For them, it will highlight how great of a job they did – if not, their daughter wouldn’t be on her way to becoming a mother. This location will also help reinforce family ties, which is always a good thing – the child should enjoy the support of as many family members as possible.