How to throw a great baby shower

A baby shower isn’t like most other get-togethers that friends and family throw. The event is meant to celebrate a mother and her unborn (or recently born) child, so a lot of things that might be present in a regulate friendly gathering will have to go.

A perfect baby shower combines a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere with all the support that a young mother could need. Here are some things to look out for when staging a baby shower of any magnitude.

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The baby shower location and its decoration

Before throwing the baby shower, you’ll have to decide whether to use a professional venue or an attendee’s home as your location of choice. Choosing an establishment has its benefits but is also notably costly – if you’re planning a baby shower in a hotel or at a restaurant, make sure to split the costs evenly between the attendees instead of burdening the parents-to-be with the expenses. Trust us, they’ll already be spending out of a hose to give their newborn everything it needs (and wants) – spending an awful lot of money on the baby shower event will hardly be welcome.

While they can seem simple or ‘not memorable enough’, baby showers in homes are oftentimes the best. There’s nothing like a friendly and familiar atmosphere to get the young mother feeling cared-for and safe – feelings you definitely want to invoke during her time of carrying.

Keep in mind, though – if you’re throwing a baby shower in a familiar home, you’ll have to put in some effort to decorate it properly. This is why the mother’s own home frequently makes for the best choice of location – you can decorate away knowing that the additions won’t have to go as soon as the party’s over. For best results, you can decorate while the mother is away in order to throw a surprise party of sorts, but be careful – no jumping out and yelling “surprise”!

The baby shower schedule

To throw a perfect baby shower, you’ll need more than a good pink or blue scheme to the venue – you’ll also have to make sure that the event goes as planned even if it comes off as a very casual one.

All of the attendees should keep in mind that the party is about the mother and her baby, not about them and their own problems. As such, everyone should avoid bringing too much attention to themselves and therefore stealing the spotlight – this is especially true for people thinking of bringing unpleasant subjects to the discussion.

Being a friendly gathering and all, you can talk and do what you want so long as it doesn’t upset the mother or subject her to shocks. For example, those who already have children can discuss what raising their first child was like for them (focusing only on the good, of course!) – another great idea to pass the time is discussing potential baby names, provided that the parents are aware of the infant’s gender.

When the mother looks back on her baby shower, she should remember the event as an extremely pleasant gathering of friends and family that ushered in the next great era of her life – do everything in your power to make it such.